"Beginning from that terrible event from March, 2024, I fired over 20 workers. How did it feel?
I hope next time I won't be that stupid to leave that God damn piece of shit unsupervised like that. =)"

Commonly used.

Matthew M

My internet break has ended. Feel free to destroy my days again! =)

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All my socials are private. If you really want to ask me something, please, DM me via discord, and don't be ridiculous!

= If there are errors with accessing my discord... you either were blocked, or mistyped it.
It's "matthew_nathan"

Unlisted socials don't belong to me. Or I just needed privacy.

... "Do you like being stalked... M.M.?"

  • ■ You can also contact me via my email: CLICK-ME

  • ● Project Director of ,,The QSCO-PROJECT"

  • ● Project Manager of ,,[[DELETED]](https://???/#operations-protocols)"

  • ● Often greeted with ,,Matt"

  • ● Professional stalker

Now I will begin with a sweet and ,,short" description.

🪻 Personality: INTJ-T
Introverted. Judge. Turbulent.
🌿 Yes. This is a list with Johannes.
1.** @JohannesNathan0** :
• his Twitter is here: link
• his Website is here: link
🌱 I like biology 😶.🌾 Disorders / Phobias/ whatever: Social anxiety, Paranoia, Claustrophobia, Arachnophobia, Scoptophobia, Nyctophobia.
Anything that has to do something with these.
Long lists (irony)...
📍 East-Europe 🇪🇺🍃 Famous people I like: Alice Hood-Hammatt , Marie Curie.

The creation of this website is a violation to my own personality. :/

{Did you realize, the website themes are always based on the current season?}

Alex Brisc the person I have met. A while ago.

{this website looks better from a pc.}

🌷 My birthday is on: (18 March)